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So long as I go somewhere...

Aug. 14th, 2008 | 12:57 am

It's been a while (sorry). I think I had some growing up to do. I think I still do now. For everybody that it seems I have deserted, I HAVEN'T. I am back! I would like to have discussions with you all. And talk.

Basically, I am dreading going back to school. I feel as if I shot myself in the foot. Also, my sister moved out and now my house seems very lonely.

By the way, a question for my f-list:
Do any of you go to boarding school? Would you mind answering 2394832 questions that I have? :]

A more interesting post to follow up this one... later.

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Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove.

Jun. 20th, 2008 | 06:43 pm

When your friends are insulted by others, do you get offended?

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Inside a broken clock, splashing wine with all the rain dogs...

Jun. 16th, 2008 | 09:20 pm
: tom waits -- rain dogs

Lately when I have come across problems, I have turned not to the real world, family, nor friends, but to my talented and clever list of friends here :]. So, with that said:

Summer -- relaxing in spades, but not so productive. Would anybody be interested in co-writing some kind of fictional... thing? Feel free to e-mail me at Elveedaily@gmail.com

ALSO -- Does anybody know how to make a lj layout that doesn't look like... what it looks like currently? MUCH APPRECIATED :D

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Oh, right, there was one other rule I forgot: Accidents happen.

Jun. 16th, 2008 | 02:16 am
: steely dan

My little buried technological heart is pounding with so much glee right now. How much fun was it to be in 4th grade, and come home and play video games with your sisters? A lot of addictive and isolating fun. I was just digging up some old stuff to give away to the local thrift store, and KINGDOM HEARTS YOU GUYS! It appeared out of the dusty confines of the living room, and big emotional waves of nostalgia and geekdom arose and reminded me HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT GAME!

Sora and Kairi and Riku and little heartless running around... how about the keyblade? So cool.

Now I need cool recommendations for cool video games so I can lock myself up in my living room and play endless video games and then occasionally feed. I love summer.

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The Curtain is yours.

Jun. 12th, 2008 | 06:55 pm

I've been in a reading slump, the kind where no matter how much you want to read, and no matter how much you know you should be enjoying a book, you can't. It's when one [or maybe three] particular stories overtake your brain, and you simply cannot read anything unless they relate somewhat [and by somewhat I mean directly] to the book you have read. The aforementioned book [or three] plants itself in your brain, and manifests into little dreams and fantasies that swirl and contaminate all thoughts until everything you say is a reference to the book, even if everybody else is clueless. Usually you end up sounding quite the fool, because you spew quotes and "funny" little innuendos that everybody should understand, but won't, because the sad truth is, nobody is as obsessed and enthralled as you.

And I say this because I watched Shakespeare in Love and was greatly satisfied today, because one of the stories implanted in my brain as of now is Romeo and Juliet. R&J is one of my very favorite stories of all time, along with Beauty and the Beast [which is occasionally replaced with Alice IW] and Harry Potter. I have thousands of other wordy and watchy loves, but those are top ranked for me. So, since the 1960s version of R&J is NEVER IN STOCK, my mother got me the Leo R&J, which I thought would be just great, because I like the Titanic a lot. Anyway, I hated that version after watching it, because Claire Daine made me want to weep a little, and they all walk around in tropical tee-shirts which generally make me want to feed my eyeballs to turtles. The kind that foam at the mouth. However, I like that they name their guns "dagger" and "sword." Now, I digress.

Shakespeare in Love made me feel giddy and educated, because I understood most references to different plays, and didn't even want to shoot the Shakespeare or Viola, and restored my faith in R&J movies generally. So then I thought, let's give R&J 1990s version another try! This is a mistake. So all I want to do now is watch the 1960s version and run away through a time warp, because these old plays and movies based on old times make me want to live then, and not now. Even though I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as I believe I would.

I'm not sure if any of the above made much sense, especially since I abused the word "because" so many times, and the whole insomnia thing. But it's true. I'm in LOVE with Shakespeare in Love. What is your favorite Shakespeare story? Let's have some tragic excitement!

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This is both an art and a fortunate accident...

Jun. 10th, 2008 | 04:06 pm
: My bed, sickly. :[

Four books to rule them all... except not really. I'm looking at four books right now, each with cool covers and rockin' reviews, and I don't know which one to read. So now I call for help.

The choices are:
Corelli's Mandolin - Louis De Bernieres
The Game Of Kings - Dorothy Dunnett
How Green Was My Valley - Richard Llewellyn
The English Patient - Michael Ondaatje

Ok, my well-read flist. GO!

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A parlor magician palms off playing-cards...

Jun. 9th, 2008 | 07:44 pm
: fullfull

Scene: My living room, 1999
People Involved: Elvee Daniels, Emar Daniels, Jayem Daniels, my uncle.

There is a fort. More specifically, there are huge and magnificent sheets and blankets tacked and taped and pinned throughout and over, around and above. It's not exactly a lifestyle, but a collection conducted from imaginations and color and little girl wonder. It is the kind of fort that can only be produced from children with endless amounts of enthusiasm, and uncles that have retained a sense of adventure and childlike awe. It is a palace, a throne, a bed, an obnoxious collection of sheets and thumbtacks. Now, it is the sweet far memory...

AND WE RECREATED ONE!! Last night, two of my friends came over. My sister, Skip, Myrtle and I made a fort to end all forts. It was manufactured from seven sheets, four blankets, three scarves, twelve hair ties, seven safety pins, and much more. We watched the first season (or at least some of it) of Pokémon, stuffed ourselves silly, and giggled away the night. I'm not going to pretend I loved cleaning it up, but it was such a nice break from reality. If it's not planned and executed, sometimes it's nice to just let yourself be in the moment and take some trips into old memories.

What is your favorite childhood activity that you used to do? What have you done to recreate it? :D

P.S. The quote from the title has nothing to do with the post at all, BUT guess the name of the man who made it? Charles Fort. So I just had to share that<3

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I know you, I walked with you once...

Jun. 5th, 2008 | 08:40 pm

The topic of discussion tonight is Disney Movies, and how they have affected us. After a short conversation with Zodiacstargazer, [MUST PUT LINK AND SPIFFY ICON NEXT TO HER NAME!] I started thinking about disney movies.

The Disney Effect [feel free to click on old favorites]:
Alice In WonderlandCollapse )

Snow WhiteCollapse )

MulanCollapse )

Beauty And The BeastCollapse )

CinderellaCollapse )

The Little MermaidCollapse )

There are about 9384523980 more I could discuss... who can forget Pocahontas, and her epic adventures around The River Bend. And how about Sleeping Beauty, and the memorable cake scene that motivated me to bake things with egg-shells in them for around three months?

Now, guys, I need to know. How have Disney Movies warped your life?

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Initiative comes to thems that wait.

Jun. 4th, 2008 | 11:24 am
: giddygiddy
: M.I.A.

Below the cut is a tiny [and by tiny I mean 5 sentences long tiny] snippet of the Twilight-fic... uhm, thing that I was talking about earlier.
A Little BellaCollapse )

The goal is basically to give the characters a life... reasons behind their actions, and make sideline characters do things other than sit around and assist the "heroine". I will admit: things will be different. Not exactly AU or OOC, but warped and tweaked to my liking :D.

I am in a very artistic mood after finishing the journals, and think I want to put some artwork of some kind into this... but it probably won't be a habitual thing. Maybe for the first post, I'll draw a picture Picasso-style. Then it will be the Venus de Milo-Bella. And then, the Mona Bella. And so on...

I think the first chapter MIGHT be up [and this is very changeable] in perhaps a week.

P.S.: Whoever can guess what movie the Subject Title came from gets LJ praise♥

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You looked happy. Happy with a secret...

Jun. 4th, 2008 | 12:55 am
: accomplished
: Rooney

Mood: Accomplished.
Reasoning: The books are finished, done, and colorful, prepped and ready to be shipped out tomorrow [or, if we're being technical, today.]

Everybody please SCREAM FOR A SECOND. I'm especially enjoying opening and closing and than reopening them, so i can BREATHE a sigh of RELIEF that they are not still sitting in the neglected corner of my room [we all have one... I keep school work and other work and money-related things there... other people keep food and dirty socks in The Corner, etc...] waiting to be pet and drawn in and paid attention to. So, SCREAM!

... I keep staring at the corner now like an obsessive dork. But that's the best part:D

And now, a paragraph or so that doesn't have to do with pen-pal journals. Everybody can rejoice and read about something different:

I've been thinking about comic books, mainly because I have been thinking about Adam Brody, who plays somebody obsessed with comics in the show "The O.C" and don't ask how I know.

Anyway, what is your favorite comic book? And, is it only me, or does anybody else feel that draining and anxious stomach ache when you see the preview for the Batman movie? I get excited to see it, and then suddenly these horrible chills come over me because of Heath Ledger... here one day, making movies, raising a family... and then gone. I have this irrational feeling that they shouldn't even SHOW the movie, but I know I'm going to be standing there opening day... what do you think?

P.S. : Sorry if I haven't been replying, but my participation concerning the internet has been sporadic (I'm not sure this is the word I should be using here, but I'm not going to check, so all's well!) at best lately... even I had to celebrate with some friends about the end of finals. So, I'll get back to you all after i wake up:D

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